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I fell in love with history at an early age! I did two masters degrees in history (Cambridge and London) and was about to embark on a career as a Byzantine historian when real life intervened. I did lots of different jobs and ended up working on a trading floor picking stock market winners and losers.

But I never lost my love of history.

When I was still working in stock markets, I published my first book, The Byzantine World War. It's about the dying days of Byzantium, the great Battle of Manzikert, and the First Crusade. Watch me talk about this in a video kindly made by the Historical Association.

Today, I've left stock markets and write full-time. I'm writing a series of books on the Fall of the Roman Empire. I aim to cover the full story of Rome's decline and fall, including the Byzantine Empire. If you've read or heard of Edward Gibbon, you'll know what I'm talking about!


So, if you like history, sign up to my mailing list and get my first book for free!

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